The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year
Charles Chu

This was a very interesting article, but I think I got as much from the comments as from the article itself. I’m interested in reading more, but I need a plan that will work for me. So here’s what I gleaned:

  1. Read a lot of books and read every day.
  2. Set a goal for the number of books to read in a month.
  3. Quality may be more important than quantity.
  4. Find the books that appeal to you most, don’t just read anything.
  5. Really study non-fiction books, even take notes.
  6. Work at putting into action what you learn.
  7. Mix fiction with non-fiction; you can gain from both.
  8. It’s OK to listen to audio books as well.
  9. Don’t read too many books at the same time.

10. Reading good articles (like this one) count as well.

I think my biggest challenge is finding great books that really engage me. I find many non-fiction books very repetitive and most could be half the length. And not enough are based on real experience and well-written. Lots of fluff, speculation, shallow research and compiling a lot of ideas that don’t hang together well.

I’m also done with the whole self-improvement, personal growth and success category. Read enough for a lifetime. And although I’m a marketing consultant I’m bored by most books on marketing and selling.

Anyhow, thinking out loud here. More research is needed!

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