Pres. T., Accessory to Murder

I am accusing Pres. T., of being an accessory to murder. And the evidence is right in front of us.

It’s really getting serious when a president supports a foreign dictator in murdering our allies. And then lies about it, equating the act to two kids fighting in a sandbox.

You have got to be sheeeting me. Holy fracking sheeet.

Actual Story on what he said.

If you haven’t seen this news yet. Look it up. It is everywhere. Equal to or exceeding the also nefarious “election tampering scheme.”

Cease Fire Already Broken

Pres T. has proven (too many times…

What do you think you need more than anything else to attract more of your ideal clients?

Many people will say, “better information to show me how to do what works.”

Others will say, “more motivation and drive to implement what I already know.”

Another common answer is, “more time to fit marketing activities into my schedule.”

And lots of people will say, “I need better goals and more clarity about what I want to achieve.”

In writing this ezine/blog for the past 20 years I’ve talked about the importance of all of those.

But I’m finally understanding a factor…

This article is the second in an eight-article series on the Seven Laws of Marketing. See the first article at this link.

Law #1 — You must be very good at what you do.

Once there was a consultant who was the top expert in his field. And he traveled around the country giving talks at management conferences. He also brought an assistant to each of his talks who helped him with logistics, set up his slide projector, made his hotel arrangements, and sold his books at the back of the room at the end of the talk.

One day the assistant remarked to the consultant, “You know I’ve been in the…

Recently I asked myself what was really important in attracting clients and growing a professional service business.

And what I realized is that it had nothing to do with marketing strategies and techniques. Sure, those are important but they’re a moving target. They are always changing.

The question is, what things are important no matter what strategies and tactics you use? You may or may not do speaking and networking and have a website or use social media.

But when you do use those strategies you need to remember and apply these laws or your marketing will fall flat on…

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

OK, Secretary Powell, but I think there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s what I came up with: Twenty ideas I’ve found that have worked for me in my business for the past 33 years.

This advice is for any and every independent professional who wants to succeed and make a difference but is not sure they can make it happen.

1. Set goals and get excited about them. Create a vision for your future that’s compelling…

Do you see marketing your professional services as hard, difficult, perhaps even unpleasant?

If so, you’re not alone.

We may see marketing as hard because we worry the worst will happen:

We have a marketing message that is unclear and confusing, turning people off.

We reach out to prospects and it feels like we’re interrupting or bothering them.

We write emails or marketing materials that we believe nobody will find interesting.

We second-guess ourselves and feel that our services aren’t really valuable after all.

With those attitudes, no wonder marketing feels hard.

When it comes to marketing one’s professional services, the most common emotion isn’t fear, it’s overwhelm.

My friend, Jill Konrath, has an overarching description of prospective clients these days: Everyone is “crazy busy,” she points out. And this is why it can be so hard to reach people, get meetings with them and sell our professional services.

But as independent professionals, we’re crazy busy as well. We seem to have more things to do than ever before. …

The new book, Fantasyland, by Kurt Andersen is the most interesting book I’ve read in years.

It’s a 500-year history of how America went haywire through magical thinking and substituting facts with whatever we wanted to believe was true.

From imaginary gold rushes promoted by Sir Walter Raleigh that brought the first rush of settlers to America, to crackpot religious teachings that deluded millions of people, Americans in vast numbers have chosen the improbable over the rational.

One of the greatest fantasies of all is the get-rich-quick scheme that promises untold wealth with a minimum of effort.

I’ve been suckered…

When I was a kid, I loved to read Superman comics. For several years I was up-to-date on everything related to this comic book hero. And I liked to imagine that I was infused with super powers.

Of course, that dream quickly faded over time as reality set in. I was clearly just an ordinary person.

But later in life, when I started my own business I discovered it was actuality possible to develop superpowers — Marketing Superpowers.

With these superpowers I was able to accomplish the following:

Consistently got the attention of complete strangers

Met with many prospects with…

If you’re a management consultant, business coach or corporate trainer, your marketing is different than other service businesses.

It’s different because it needs to be more professional, more personal and more, well, serious.

Your buyer is the owner of a company or a top-level executive in a company. They are looking for proven solutions to their problems, issues and challenges.

And they don’t respond to marketing that’s full of hype and over-the-top promises. They are looking for professionals who are a known quantity, not those with fly-by-night ideas.

So, what works to market to these kinds of clients?

This following…

Robert Middleton

Finding your own authentic marketing voice and attracting more of your ideal clients.

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