Why war with Pakistan — is not an option
Raghu Raman

Here is my take on what is going to happen in the next few decades to the China-Pakistan friendship, and CPEC without India interfering in any way —

  1. There is high unemployment and high uneducated levels in Pakistan and will get worse — why? Poor educational facilities, irrational and irrelevant curriculum based on religion which unsuitable for the modern technological driven world.
  2. Once CPEC is complete, where will the unemployed Pakistani’s move to? China of course!
  3. What will China do about these unemployable Pakistani’s moving to China? Don’t know…but there will be tensions between an atheist community and highly religious one.
  4. Terror attacks will become more frequent in China with growing unemployment and migration.
  5. China will realize its mistake in terms of terror attacks, low returns on investment or losses.
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