Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design
Adam Richardson

You are right! We desperately need more colors in our daily consumerism. I see a very big deficit of colors in a car industry. When you look the old city pictures from 70’s in the last century you can see all the colorful cars on the street. Today, they are mostly gray, black, white, pearl … so boring.

Here in Berlin where I currently live people usually wearing the same cold colors (black, white, gray, olive green). Very specific for this town. And if you put something colorful on your self, then you can look like the lonely flower in the subway :)

Nonetheless, it’s interesting how Google present their Pixel 2 phone from the outside user perspective. If you look at those pictures that are coming from them and now also from the owners itself, you can see mostly the back side of the phone rather than front (personal) side of the product.

Apple, for instance, is doing very first perspective approach even in time of lack of technology solution, like they do with iPhone’s X “sensors housing” black top bar space which gives very recognizable look and also focusing on how the product works rather than how it looks.

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