Dribbble 2.0
Andrew Wilkinson

This words from you promising some good changes inside of Dribbble that should already happen long before.

Focusing on good designs and discovering young lions, rather than popularizing what’s already popular, need to be one of the main principle inside Dribbble. Last week, for example, I was bombed with one shot where some popular designer sits in front of his desk with curved monitor. This shot was very popular and it was in all my newsletters. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this shot, but the problem is that I don’t mind for his pretty-cleany desk and curved monitor, I just want to see good design and encourage others to publish theirs designs too.

Also, you need to work on “comments” things and encourage others to leave comments more than just “Amazing work”. You need to recognize those who contribute this community more than others and reward them …

I hope this little feedback will help you somehow in your future decisions.