Deleted texts

Rolled over in bed

Thinking what’s next

When a couple weeks ago

You thought were blessed

But the demons of memories. Won’t allow you to rest

Her skin, her touch, her fingers, her smile

Used to make you warm inside but now makes you riled

The flames of passion puttered out

And like a journalist, you’re wondering what, when, where, and how

What did I do

When did I hurt you

Where did you choose

And how

Do I move on

Move on like a train across a country

With no stops, move like it was it hunting

How many times will I reshape myself

Be that kid with the Rubin cube asking for no help

And no matter how I swipe those rows faster

Moving slower, life going, like I have cancer

Or move on to tinder

Where I feel the hurt linger

And I swipe on robotic faces

like a lawyer analyzing cases

Then I stop and I find the one

Time will fly so I go and super like

They don’t care

You get lost in their stare

Have confidence that shoots through the sky

And what a coincidence that you know how to fly

Others may crawls or walk while they run

Like a comic book here going faster than a gun

In all songs, They say love at first sight

But they wrong it was at birth at first light

And that person is you

Love is love

Love to fuck

Fuck to pain

Nothing to gain

Beat your chest

missed the first step

Some call it self confidence

If it was bling you would flaunt it

Because you matter the most

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