How many fucks can I have here

  1. More fucks than you gave
  2. Maybe I can rhyme fuck with luck

Like with how little luck I had in the end

You just wanted to see how far I could bend

How quick it end with all that whiplash to the head

But barely as fast as when you left

But you’re not the one to blame

I may be the same

Fuck me for believing

If I was religious, I’d be a heathon

Let my guard down

Forgot what was past the wall

All this time I tried to stall

That age old pain

That never goes away

It’s the vultures that fly by

Lurking waiting

Craving for the occasion

Where you has the audacity to hope

But troubled waters you’re left chocked

Choked on broken memories

Choked on betrayed feeling

Choked on broken healing

You’re afraid, so you stay

You don’t walk away you just feel the pain

Because breathing in is to live

Breathing in is to hope

Breathing in is to love

But you forgot how to trust

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