No children! 1.

*Most of the experiences I share will be an ongoing laundry list of the reasons I am choosing to not have children. Interactions with children on a daily basis is what drives this.

7: “Grandma is smarter than you because she is 55 years old.”

Let’s analyze this as if a 7 year old has the capacity of an adult.

Yes. Not much to say to this. The 55 year old raised to believe red meat every day is healthy for you. The person who is union yet does not support unions. The person who gets news from Fox. The person who believes that a man in the sky decides your fate.


Being older may make you wiser in some cases. Smarter? That is never the case. Each day this country progresses in knowledge. Each generation gains and adapts, mastering and advancing past the previous, that is the progression of evolution.

-Mr. Faqusen

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