17 #YouTube Strategies and Tactics For Growing a YouTube Channel in 2017 and Beyond!

If you want to know how to grow a YouTube channel, you have to understand that it’s going to be specific to your audience, you’ll have to be patient, and you’ll have to abandon most of your assumptions.

If you are a Small YouTuber with less than 1,000–10,000 subscribers I suggest you watch this video which may be more relevant to you than the advice in this list right away. It can still help but you may not be able to do all of it.

If you want to take your YouTube Channel further in 2017, here is some straight forward and practical advice. I’ll go more in-depth on these in future videos, but here are 17 actionable pieces of advice I have for growing your YouTube Channel this year.

  1. Create Community Content that Drives Engagement and Watch Time.
  2. Optimize Your 10 Highest Traffic Generating Videos to Direct Traffic To Your Latest Content at All Times.
  3. Create and Curate Playlist in YouTube to Increase Session Watch Time
  4. Create a 15–22 Minute Show that Has Audience Participation in Some Way, and will increase viewership, brand awareness and sponsor opportunities for your channel overall.
  5. Work with sponsors and ask them to help promote you to their audience in social media in exchange for better rates on sponsored video content.
  6. Use Tubebuddy to optimize your channel for search and analyze data on individual video performance and best time to upload. Here’s a 20% Discount Code: RobertosBuddy
  7. Audit Your Channel or Hire Someone (Like Me) To Identify Strengths Weaknesses and Opportunities for Growth.
  8. Create Some Content with the intention of growing your email list. I recommend ConvertKit as a Email Marketing Tool.
  9. Use YouTube Live and YouTube Super Chat to engage with your audience in Q&A sessions and increase revenue via Super Chat donations.
  10. If you have 10,000 Subscribers or more, use the YouTube Space to get access to equipment, sets and props to make Highly Polished and Produced Hero Content, or a YouTube Channel Trailer.
  11. Create Keyword Optimized Playlist on Days You Don’t Upload a Video and Populate them with 5–8 Videos that Make Sense for a Search Friendly Topic with a Lot Attention or Around Something Trending.
  12. Create Gateway Content, Specifically Designed with People Unfamiliar with You or Your Brand in Mind, that Can Make Them Comfortable with You and Push them toward Specific Content in Your Library.
  13. Instead of Doing Giveaways of Products or Gift Cards, Consider Doing Giveaways for Merch or a Private Live Stream with You. This helps your brand and your wallet!
  14. Setup an Intentional Collaboration and Cameo Strategy targeting 10–20 other people in your niche or that share your demographics or interest.
  15. Create a Content Calendar, but Also Outline Which Video Are Helping You With Specific Goals.
  16. Create a Website with Blog Articles that Can Drive Additional Traffic to Your Channel.
  17. Use Social Media to Drive People Directly to a YouTube Video Instead of Playing it on Twitter and Facebook.


You need to be intentional when it comes to YouTube strategy and what tactics you want to execute on, keeping your goals in mind. Not every video can achieve every goal, and not every goal will benefit the channel directly but may help your overall brand outside of YouTube. Do not make the mistake of putting YouTube First.