First Impressions of the #iPhone6s from a Non Fanboy

The new iPhone is very impressive overall, even for someone like me who is not an Apple fanboy and started with android.😊

I went with the iPhone 6s because I like the form factor more than the iPhone Plus models. I still have an Android for my second line and always will. 😛

This iPhone is nearly capable of being a computer replacement. It’s capabilities in terms of photography, video and live streaming are tremendous but it also has enough processing power to help with more practical things. ✌️

The speed alone is tremendous. And speaking of speed, I probably setup the entire phone in 5 minutes or less. 😎

The camera is amazing but don’t take my word for it…

It can handle low light situations just fine. It also takes amazing selfies. 😳

It actually is fully aware of when I’ve taken a selfie and organized all of them in a quick photo library. 😍

The iPhone was able to grab all of my data from the iCloud in a matter of moments. I now have all of my contacts and data and I’m ready to go. 👍

All of my iOS apps work fine with the exception of Buffer for the moment but I’m sure that is temporary.

The 4Kvideo capabilities are amazing and I will be posting sample videos and posting to YouTube. 😍

Voice dictation is helping me write this article faster, something more of you should consider trying out. 😉

The TouchID is faster than it has ever been, and is super convenient and one of my favorite features from the iPad Air 2. 😏

Overall the iPhone 6s is what you’d expect, a great user experience, beautiful screen, crisp sound and tremendous camera. 😄

I’m happy with it and will essentially be running my business from it half of the time… but that my friends is another story… like why I’m switching from Samsung to LG… 😝

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