How to Standout on YouTube as a Small YouTuber [INFO GRAPHIC]

This is a quick graphical guide to how small YouTubers can make a big impact.

When you are a Small YouTuber it may feel impossible to standout or be noticed. But if most Smaller YouTube creators take a hard and honest look at their channel, they’ll see that its not that YouTube is against them or that there are too many creators… it’s that there is more work involved in building a YouTube channel and a brand, than they could possibly imagine.

Watch my full presentation from CVX Live2017 covering this topic:

How to Standout On YouTube as a Small YouTuber

- Getting noticed on YouTube isn’t going to happen overnight, especially if you’re trying to play by the rules. If you want to win — make your own rules around your strengths and weaknesses.

- Be consistent. By showing up everyday, you are giving someone an extra option. People love multiple options. Be those extra options.

- Start today! Today is the best time to start YouTube.

- Find something different and unique that you can do in your niche. Bring qualities that work in other niches into your own.

- Over-saturation on YouTube does not matter! Don’t make the choice for others by rejecting yourself first, focus on what is unique about you and execute.

- Even a small format change can help you become unique.

- The three C’s — Creativity, Consistency, Context. These are important.

- There are three types of content on YouTube: Help Content, Hub/Community Content, Hero/Produced Content. Find a way to balance your content strategy between these three types to have a successful model.

  • Visuals matter. This includes channel artwork, thumbnails, end cards, watermark, and channel layout. Look at bigger brands and learn how to do things the way they do it.

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- Objective Quality is different than Subjective Quality. Sure, you need to have good visual, audio and editing quality, but it’s subjective quality that will bring people back for more.

- Be someone’s favorite YouTube channel. Find out what brings people back for more and do that.