Why YouTube View Counts Don’t Matter and Why You NEED To Stop Worrying About Them.

Except to kids and people who don’t understand the platform…

One of the most frequent questions I get as someone in the YouTube space is… “If you have 50,000+ Subscribers, why don’t you have more views on your videos?”

Granted, this question/criticism usually comes from people (typically kids) with 20 subscribers, it’s almost cute, in a naive way.

I have some videos that have 50K views, I have other thank have 900 views. It doesn’t matter how big your subscriber count is.

Individual videos play out differently. Don’t believe me fine…

This video from Gary Vayernchuk, arguably one of the most famous people in the online world, with over 1 Million Twitter Followers and 100K YouTube Subscribers has less than 4K views…

This video is good. It’s under 4 minutes, the “Sweet Spot” everyone talks about for video content. Gary has a huge following, so why so few views?

This video is only for his followers who want to get into Marketing… it’s going to have a limited reach, vs and Episode of the AskGaryVee Show, which averages 30K views typically.

Gary also did videos for about 6 years over on Wine Library TV with the average video getting maybe 1,500 even when he brought on well known guest to the show. Yet it built Gary’s personal brand and got him on Conan, and Ellen and the Today Show and made him a public figure.

With less than 3 Million Views and 1000+ videos…and only 16K subscribers…

But let’s back to talking about my channel real quick…

For context, which is the most important thing here, honestly… I have a “How To” YouTube channel. So unlike PewdiePie and Tyler Oakley, people who watch my videos are not there for the entertainment value, they are there to learn something…

Unlike Michelle Phan, (one of the greatest business women of my generation) My channel is not a Niche How To Channel focusing on one thing like Beauty.

My channel for lack of a better word is “Weird”.

Because my goal, which is lost on people is not to become a big YouTuber… it’s to help people who are Creative, do the things the love, learn a skill they need, or get a job or build a career doing what they are passionate about.

I don’t need 100K views on a video to achieve my goals… although recently a video I did a while back, a tutorial on video editing did get 100K views.

YouTube is a platform for Creating Something Awesome and sharing it with the world. Which is also the entire point of my channel, educating and motivating people so they can do that.

I do daily content covering a range of 7–10 topics. Not everyone who watches one video has an interest in the other topics, or even in the other videos sometimes. This isn’t something I’m doing wrong or something I need to change.

Over 60% of videos in YouTube NEVER GET 500 VIEWS.

I typically get that within the first few hours of a video going up. This is not a #ModestBrag it is illustrating the point to help you understand why these numbers are trivial.

Your Channel and Content Should Align to Your Goals!

Even businesses get this wrong, the only number they should really be worried about it conversions/sales or growth numbers for their mailing list.

Here is the number I care about… 5,000. 5,000 pieces of quality content. That’s a number I will feel really good about. I’m 1/10 of the way there. By the end of next year I plan to be 1/5 of the way there. And for me that is the game. Building resources, authority and outworking as many people as possible to spread a positive message and influence creatives.

So while other people are worried about their view counts, I’m worried about producing as much quality content as I possibly can, answering every comment, building new relationships and growing my network while scaling my personal brand.

So for any of your content, in any platform before you worry about view counts, consider what this content is supposed to do for you and for other people. The only measurement of whether content is good, is whether it is serving it’s purpose. Period.

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