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Roberto Blake
Jan 3, 2017 · 5 min read
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When people think about a Content Marketing strategy, and how much content they are going to produce, typically what they are thinking is…

“I guess I can produce 1–2 videos a week for a while, and if they get some traction, then it justifies doing more later…”

“Let’s start with an article a week and see if anyone pays attention…”

On the surface this is very reasonable. You want to see some return on the time and energy you invested. You want to know how people respond to things so that you can pivot later. It sounds perfectly practical…

Unless you actually want to see real results.

The reality is that nobody cares about what you do until you make them care. They have everyone competing for their attention and committing halfway isn’t going to cut it.


Having produced 1000+ videos on YouTube (890 public videos + private videos for my newsletter + Collabs on other channels), hundreds of articles and live streams across Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, I can tell you that consistency overwhelmingly converts.

We all are aware of KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. We keep saying it. But how many people actually commit to it?

Do you think 1 interaction a week, with a potential customer or network partner, when they are having 500+ interactions competing for their attention a day via 3–5 platforms plus email and text, is going to really keep you top of mind with them?

Showing up everyday, and showing up with your customers are, is how you are going to make sure they know you, get familiar, get comfortable, and get sold. It’s just simple math.

What did I get out of 1000+ Executions?
- Established authority as a subject matter expert.
- Build relationships with industry publications as a paid contributing author.
- Developed my career as a public speaker for conferences like Social Media Marketing World and HOW Design Live.
- Forged sponsor relationships with companies like Dell, HP and Logitech.
- Added clients to my roster such as Adobe and Disney

You have to commit to them first and deliver.

It’s not up to an audience or consumer to prove to you that your effort is worthwhile, you have to prove to them that you are worth their attention, and you have a ton of competition and distractions to overcome. Consistency is one of the only variables you can control in that scenario.


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Taking 1000 swings doesn’t sound too appealing, if you’re worried about how many times you’re gonna miss, but what about the ones you knock out the park? What if every swing that connects had a $100 payday at the end of the rainbow? How excited are you about having 1000 shots now?

Don’t churn out content for the sake of checking a box! Have intention behind it, both in the value you want to deliver for the audience but also in what your potential upside is.


If you don’t get views, or followers from a piece of content, is there something more valuable you can close on?

What about valuable data? What about conversions? What about making marginal improvement and efficiency in the content creation process?

Does this bring a new potential relationship into the ecosystem, or give you a “calling card” or permission to have a certain conversation down the road?

Lets do a tactical breakdown of 1000 Pieces of Content. I’m going to give you a strategy for 1000+ pieces of content. You can execute on 1000+ over the course of this year, or the next 2 or 3 or 5, however long or fast of a game you want to play to win.

1000+ Pieces of Content Strategy: This works for business and individuals. Yes I’m giving you a complete content outline for 1000 executions of content marketing. No I’m not selling it to you…

  1. Create 10 Lead Magnets for Your Email List.
  2. Create a 10 Email/Content Drip for Each Lead Magnet
  3. Create 50 Evergreen 3–5 Minute Videos that tie to your lead magnets and grow your email list and distribute them in YouTube and Facebook weekly.
  4. Transcribe these 50 Evergreen videos via (affordable) and re-write them as articles, post them on your website with the video embedded.
  5. Create 50 Different 1 Minute Videos that tie to your lead magnets and distribute them in Instagram and Twitter for free or use paid ads.
  6. Create 20 Videos that answer the most frequently asked questions you get from buying customers/clients right now.
  7. Transcribe the 20 Videos that answers the FAQs using and re-write them as articles on your website, but also embed the videos there.
  8. Interview 50 thought leaders in your industry and convert that into a podcast and distribute it in iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and iHeartRadio
  9. Transcribe those 50 podcast via and post them as articles on your website and also embed the podcast episodes.
  10. Produce 100 topical industry articles per year or 2x per week, and distribute them appropriately across all of your social media platforms.
  11. Create 12-25 Infographics that are topical to your industry, distribute these via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram.
  12. Curate a Weekly Round Up of Tips from 5–10 Industry Thought Leaders. Produce a visual graphic around each thought leaders tip. This is well over 100 pieces of visual content per year. Distribute via appropriate platforms.
  13. Host Monthly Live Webinar via your live streaming platform of choice.
  14. Produce short videos around the 5 actionable take away items from each webinar you produce for the year.
  15. Produce an actionable checklist or article related to each of your live webinars.
  16. Host a weekly live Q&A session on your live streaming platform a of choice, 50+ live streams per year.
  17. Produce an article with the top 5–10 questions from each live Q&A and acknowledge/tag the viewer who asked the question.
  18. Produce 10–20 Testimonial/Case Study videos for yourself and your company and your service/product from real customers or clients.
  19. Produce 10–20 Product/Service Demo videos with purchase being the call to action.
  20. Create 3 YouTube Playlist of 10 Videos Each that establish you or someone within your organization definitely as a subject matter expert. 30 videos in total.
  21. Create short 100–200 Word LinkedIn Published Post and embed these subject matter expert videos within them appropriately. Share and distribute within appropriate LinkedIn Groups.
  22. Alternative method… Pick 3 core platforms and execute on content creation specific to each of those 3 platforms every single day for a year…

What I’ve outlined is practical, and achievable, and if you execute it well, you can produce worthwhile results.

If you need help in terms of specifics or fleshing out a content strategy for your business or your personal brand, I do provide paid 1-on-1 consulting, or could even help with the technical execution.

You can reach out to me at: rblake[at]

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