The Greatest Human Challenge

“It’s not your fault. I love you”. But sometimes, it can be too late.

I’ve never been good at saying goodbye.

I think the greatest human challenge is facing impermanence — the inevitable consequence of living, the one, and only certainty, the source of all sadness.

It’s probably why every spiritual tradition, secular and nonsecular, from Buddhism to Christianity, can arguably be condensed into one fundamental teaching: Nothing is worth holding on to — no thing, no person, no feeling, no thought.

That’s it. It’s not any more complicated, and yet immensely so.

Of course,

I don’t know if this is true. 
All I know, is that the simplest thing can be the hardest to do.

But it matters not.

What does,

is that as long as I am here, 
I can still feel a little bit of life in every tear.

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