Sports-Business Risk Taking

If there is one thing that we can relate between what sports and business have in common is that need of a leader that is willing to do everything and anything for their team/organization for it to over achieve and accomplish the unthinkable. In every low there is a new high, in every mistake their is and opportunity and in every defeat there is a process that needs to be addressed because if we aren't able to do that, the result wont change. Leaders in business need to look at their problems as opportunities and we can learn this from how its done in sports, focus on what a error has to offer instead of its consequences.

Timing, it is all about it, when are we capable of risking it and when do we need to play safe and evaluate what we currently have. In business as it is in sports we need to evaluate in which stage we are, are we in the fourth quarter or are we in the first quarter following our game plan? That is a big factor that we need to look at and either do the unexpected when we are supposed to play safe and win the game or risk it when we are down by seven in the fourth quarter trying to get the tie. This is the difference between getting the “W” or being behind the herd the whole time, evaluate the options and risk when necessary. It is only a risk when you aren't prepared to do it, if you are capable of practicing and having the knowledge, it isn't a trick play but a viable option to solve a problem which you prepared in the process of building your playbook getting ready for the big leagues. If a business is able to prepare this way, it is prepared to make the decisions needed to build a successful process which ends up in a winning score that keeps adding value to the business. Be the leader that they need you to be because when everything is happening, you are the person with the last play in which everyone is expecting for you to make the correct decision to continue on going.

Be ready and get the job done.

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