Armolia — Mobiliario Mexicano.

Visual Identity Case Studio — Brand Inspiration.

This story begins with a shy guy that wears glasses and has a big entrepreneur spirit, oh wait, that’s another story…

Chapter 01 — The Introduction.

It all begins with a ringing phone, a call saying “we want to develop an interior and architectural studio, can you help us?”

An idea can transform into a business when they transform into tangible things. In the case of Armolia, the first thing to do is ask. “Do you have any information about your project?”. A big “NO”. They said, “We don’t have anything, no name, no brand, no target, nothing to start. What do you think?”.

The Brief.

Need to create the visual identity for a new contemporary studio focused on architecture and interior design. Somehow it needs to be tuned with the Mexican culture, this could be applied to a Spanish name or by some means embedded in the brand’s DNA. Modern + Sophisticated graphics will be the key in this project.

Chapter 02 — The People & Markets.

What does the customer consider as “sexy”? Do we have competition? What does this look like? Does this company understand the actual market?

Competition — A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company. With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your product or service unique and therefore what attributes you play in order to attract your target market. The analysis is about studios or companies that develop similar products with the same context and geography. In this case, the super Mexican contemporary furniture.

A quick and easy way to compare your product or service with similar ones on the market is to make a competition grid. Down the left side of a piece of paper, write the names of four or five products or services that compete with yours. To help you generate this list, think of what your customers would buy if they didn’t buy your product or service.

Competition — Tuux Projects.

Customers — Most consumers who purchase luxury products still care about price, but it isn’t their primary concern. They’re willing to spend more if they feel that the product is worth it. You’ll get more customers if you focus on demonstrating the value of your product instead of competing on price.

Another problem with going for lower prices is that this can backfire and leave consumers with the impression that your products are of lower quality. If your luxury product is priced lower than all your competitors’ goods, consumers are more likely to wonder what’s wrong with yours.

It’s common for people to associate higher prices with higher quality, and vice versa, especially if you emphasize quality in your marketing campaigns. By making quality a focal point and setting your prices to match, consumers will associate high quality with your brand. Once that happens, high-end customers won’t have a problem paying a premium for your products. The important thing here, is to know what type of people. Entrepreneurs? CEOs? High-Rank Workers? After looking for specific customer’s characteristics, the analysis came up with these final archetypes: Passive Picky, CEO New Age, and Hispter Architect.

Chapter 03 — The Name.

The union of two concepts, Gif by Nancy Giordano.

The name Armolia is a combination of two Spanish words. “Armonía” meaning harmony, will represent a variety of measurements and well defined detailing. The second word; “Mobiliario”, meaning furniture, define the main essence which they will be using to fulfill their client’s needs. Why? Because these are the actions the design studio will be making with every future project.

Chapter 04 — The Logotype.

Everything will involve around the glyph of transformation. Glyphs are symbols that represent something specific. In this case, it will portray change. Why transformation? Because it is the primary mission an interior & architectural studio can offer.

Transformation Glyph

This proposal is based on the glyph representation of “transformation”. This means that the work that needs to be done will focus on the monogram of letters “A — M”. The icon create a defined and unique personality.

Logo Exploration.

Chapter 05 — The Visual Identity.

The visual identity of Armolia is inspired in elegant spaces, fancy textures and an honest lifestyle. The black and white create a very elegant brand. The modern and sophisticated layout generate an atmosphere of new ideas, proposals, and ways to think.

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