What is canyoning?

This is for those of you who crave to do something really unique: a series of Q&A to let you better understand what is canyoning.

Canyoning is a sport activity that takes place in gorges and creeks, nestled among the mountains. The technical equipment to go canyoning, usually consists of a diving suit, a climbing helmet, and a harness. The progression along the gorge is basically on foot, but, depending on the features of the canyon, it can include dives, abseils, and slides, which contribute to make this activity fun and one of a kind.
What makes canyoning really unique though, is the possibility it gives to experience environments and situations that you won’t be able to see and live otherwise. It is quite hard to explain through words or images what I am talking about, as the only way to fully understand it… is trying it.
If you want to have an idea, have a look at the video below, an ordinary canyoning day in Subiaco, a small village a stone’s throw from Rome.

Why should I go canyoning?

To live an unforgettable, thrilling experience in unreachable places.
To dive deep into the wild nature.
To see the world from a totally different perspective.
Because, once you tried it, you will feel yourself full of energies and emotions, but unable to share them with whom was not there with you. Then, you will crave to go back again, to live the dream one more time and convince your friends to join you, to let them understand what you are talking about.

I have never done it. How can I do it?

You have several possibilities here. You can contact a professional guide, who will accompany you, take care of your safety and let you overcome the obstacles you will find along the progression. If this is your choice, you want the best. The guide must be a professional, trained on this activity, and she/he have to be able to show you a proof of her/his expertise. You want to stay away from improvised guides. A professional figure is the Canyoning Guide AIGC (Italian Canyoning Guides Association), who is specifically trained on this activity.

If you would like to practice this sport autonomously, instead, it would be useful to join a training course (at least both the basic and the advanced levels), and practice as much as possible. In this article I will mostly cover the first choice, but I will go back to the courses again soon.

Is it difficult?

There are different levels of difficulty and physical engagement, even during the progression along the same canyon. In fact, the main features that define the level of difficulty of a canyon are: the water presence and its quantity, the length of the canyon, and how it is equipped.

Is it dangerous?

No, if the progression is done in the right and safe way.

Who can go canyoning?

Everyone. The important thing is to choose the right path according to your own technical and physical level. There are shorter and easier paths that are easily accessible to whoever wants to try the activity for the first time.

Do I have to be in shape?

Being in shape is not necessary for easiest canyoning paths, but at least you must be in good health. Ask your guide about the potential risks of the activity.

What do I need?

A bathing suit and a pair of running shoes to get wet. Everything else (5mm diving suit, neoprene socks, helmet, harness, ropes) will be provided by your guide.

Enjoying Fosso di Riancoli, a canyon for all at 30 minutes from Rome

I have dizziness.

Let me ask you then: can you step on a ladder? If your answer is positive, there is no problem. More than dizziness, it is an understandable fear of heights that we all experience. The guide that will accompany you should be ready to help you anytime and let you live this incredible experience anyway.

I can’t swim. Can I do it?

Yes, of course. But also this time the choice of which canyon to pick will be crucial to live a fun experience.

Are there any age requirements?

The easiest paths are accessible to kids from 8 years old on. 
Just take in consideration that all kids have a thermoregulation system not as efficient as the one of an adult. This is why it is quite important to choose the right excursion for them, taking in account that if they go canyoning when the weather is not very warm and where there is a lot of water, they could be too much cold. 
Until 70 years old and over there are no particular restrictions if you are in good health.

A lot of fun for kids and teenagers

Are there any other restrictions?

No at all. You can use the same recommendations that you would use for any outdoor excursion.-

Where can I go canyoning?

In Italy the possibilities are many, depending on the region.
Check out our website to have further information.