Theistic philosophers and theologians have historically argued that life in an atheistic universe is devoid of meaning, value, or any reason for hope. Life is absurd, they claim, because death robs us of a future and puts an end to all our projects, desires, and aspirations.
Is Life Absurd Without God?
Andrés Ruiz

A poor orphan left to fend for himself in an institute once thought: «I want a candy. There is no candy, no mum to buy one. Life sucks. Mum must be away, buying me a candy, because I want life not to suck. I hope she comes back soon.»

Just because someone wishes so, something doesn’t magically appear into existence.

Wishful thinking is a very poor argument to prove the existence of someone.

Anthropocentrism – extrapolating that since I am, someone like me must exist too – is also a poor argument. Life is not an orphanage and extending metaphors beyond their intended limit is dangerous.

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