Only in America…

Well, that was interesting.

Watching Obama provide one last and lasting memory, into why he has been and will continue to be one of the most eloquent speakers I have ever laid ears to.

As a Canadian, I can’t help but being attracted to US politics, partly due to the nearness but also to the direct affect that which events below the 49th parallel, play out to us north of it.

As I sat on my couch, taking in Obama’s quilt of a monologue, my mind drifted to what was about to come; The 1st season of ‘The Trump Factor’. And a large part of me is sad in knowing that for all that I have heard, all that I have seen and all that I have known, Donald Trump has less eloquence than that of quite possibly George W. Bush. Which may be STILL be saying a lot.

Obama was gracious in his final act as the POTUS. Sure, he was on friendly ground, in front of what mostly was a welcoming audience but the man is still approved by 57% of Americans as of the latest poll. So he had to have done something right.

I can only imagine what and how Trump’s monologues will sound like, now that he technically has an army of speech writers (unless they’ve all been fired) and hopefully some coaching on the finer points of being in control of the nuclear codes as well as the rigors of a job where it successfully managed to age his predecessor quite a bit in 8 years…and that man being his junior by almost 16 years.

I’m not confident in much, when it concerns Trump, his ability to lead, govern, institute policy, stick to a course of action/choice and keep a level head, when all others would have a hard time no wanting to throw it all in, due to the sheer lunacy of the demands that being Commander In Chief entails.

But yet, this man…who in less than 2 weeks, will be sworn into the highest office in the land…gets irked and responds like a spoiled child on Twitter, to criticism. He better somehow develop some Kevlar lining underneath his now orange skin, or have his phone privileges revoked. Or else all of the vilified, crooked and evil media outlets he abhors, will continue to have a field day, at his (several times) bankrupt expense.

Do I personally believe him to be a laughing stock and unfit for the office, in which he won in a ‘fair’ election? Yes.

Do I know see a man who lived his life in the boardroom, where is sole aim was to crush his opposition, realize that the only way he will have a chance at managing the task at hand…is to create a C-level suite of experts and ultimately allow them to provide him the information, with which to base decisions? Yes.

Cast aside the parallels between him and Hitler (I have made them in another blog and will stand by them, until actually proven otherwise.) Cast aside the level of division and hate with which his campaign platform ran under (hark back to point about ‘crushing’ the opposition.) Overlook his stunning inability to maintain composure and follow the demeanor of all previous POTUS.

Just look at a man going into his 71st year, who is at the cusp of becoming the POTUS and envision him on a podium in 4 (or even 8 years time) delivering his final speech to the world.

What inspiration will he bring forward?

What great talking points will he touch upon?

What promises to America do you think he will be able to hold up to the litmus test of time?

I doubt he will be citing a less divided America due to him being in place vs ‘Crooked Hilary’. That would only serve to split that which he said was mended. So scratch that…

I doubt he will stand true to his commitment to ‘drain the swamp’, seeing as every high level person he has appointed, Trump has had dealings with and apparently hold ultra conservative beliefs with questionable historical credentials. He may be draining the swamp, but he’s replacing it with brackish water, so it seems. So…that might be a stretch.

Will he be giving his speech from the grand wall he promised to build on the border of Mexico, upon which he will have cast out all of the illegal immigrants who have been rotting America out and getting a free ride? Not likely, since his stance on that has softened.

Maybe he’ll give his speech from the floor of a Ford or GM plant, still residing in the USA, saying that he ‘Made America Great Again’ by pulling back jobs for Americans, in building vehicles while holding the specter of tariffs and more constricted trade, over the heads of countries like Canada, Mexico and the like? Possibly, but remember this is a fluid economy; Canada has already ratified a Eurozone trade deal, wholly independent of the US and has been working on better ties with China. A trading partner with similar if not greater potential than the US. So what would be stopping other countries from doing the same to the US? Tariff threats become less of an issue, when you’ve got different markets with which to peddle your goods to.

Fine, there are those who will not side with Obama, his farewell speech or even his points. They will cite a divided America under his watch, with proof being the election and ‘crooked Hilary’ being the sacrificial lamb. They will cite foreign policy which has seemingly weakened America’s interests and abilities abroad vs the likes of China and Russia. They will maintain that a corrupt system was further poisoned by missteps in the war on terror, the apparent waves of illegal immigrants and a growing inequality between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

That is their right and that is something they are entitled to state; something something, First Amendment.

It’s a knife that cuts both ways, if I may remind you.

Enjoy the first season of The Trump Factor.

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