Fandango GOLD

Add a new feature to an already existing application.


The Challenge

Add a new feature to an already existing application.


The Deliverable

Add an online streaming service to the Fandango Application.


Flat Line

The demand for our product is still unknown, lets find out how!

But First our U|X Tool Set!

We first must be prepared for the design road ahead.

Time Management

Keeping on track

We tracked our work using a simple Waterfall Excel spreadsheet. The time line was 2 weeks, and it kept us on tack every day.

Water Fall Research and Design Itinerary

File Sharing

When the Box Drops!

We established that all completed tasks were to be uploaded to drop box. This allowed us to organize collaboratively and easily access materials remotely.

Drop Box Organization

Brand Prism

Identifying Fandango’s brand gave a strong lead into our research and design of our new feature for Fandango.

Fandangos Brand Identity

Business Model Canvas

We researched into Fandango’s partnerships, activities, value propositions, customer relationships and revenue streams.


Two types of movie watchers.

  • 12 movie tickets / year = annual spending average: $396
  • 5.5 movie tickets/ year = annual spending average: $186

*the totals include average Los Angeles parking cost, average movie cost.*


Our survey was used as a market research tool, in order to find out if fandango had a user base.

We discovered there was a target audience that enjoyed watching movies in theaters as much as they liked streaming movies from home.

Survey created on Pole-daddy


  • Audience enjoys streaming movies
  • Pain Points include [Expensive theater tickets, Parking, Traffic and Online buffering]


Consumer Interviews

To further solidify our research to pave the road towards our design, we created interview questionnaires to find qualitative feedback from our users.


  • Strong dislike for buffering.
  • Strong dislike for movie theater ticket pricing.


We placed the interview answers into a word cloud and found out that our audience really favored online streaming.

Collections of words from user interviews

U|X Status

We got a pulse!

We have solidified that our added feature to Fandango will help users experience new movie experiences from home!


Rose :)

Meet Rose! She is a collection of our survey, interview and targeted demographic movie lover.



  • Expensive movie tickets.
  • Buffering times.
  • volatile internet speeds.


  • Keep up with new movies.
  • Save money.
  • watch movies without buffering interruptions.

Competitive Comparative Analysis (part One)

Getting Granular

We evaluated competitors in the online steaming community such as Netflix, Fandor, Mubi, and Crakle.

Our design goal was to combine the very best content organization, features, functions, and navigation controls.

Content, Features, Functions and Navigation

Competitive Comparative Analysis (Part Two)

Getting Granular

We printed user flows for each of the streaming services and dot voted on our top three favorite features from our competitors.

Competitive Comparisons


  • Comparing flows.
  • Dot voting on best features.

Concept Map

We formulated a simple concept map of the accessibilities the users will have in Fandango Gold.



  • preparing for user flows and information architecture.
  • preparing for Design studio.

User Flow

The first user flow we established was bare bones. We used a simple wireframe flow displaying key screens for Fandango GOLD.

Sign Up to list mode
On boarding flow and setting category


  • The flow was iterated multiple times in order to create a simple navigation.

Card Sorting

Priorities for the User!

We assembled a card sorting activity and sent it online to friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The task was to arrange cards from most important to least important based on features we collected through our competitive and comparative analysis, survey and interviews.


Strong Desires

  • Resume watching feature.
  • Film description.
  • Watch list (queue).
  • Popular list.

Design Studio (Part One)

Step One!

After understanding our target audience and priorities, we start a Design Studio. We fold a sheet of paper twice to get 4 squares and design an interface on each quadrant all in under 1 minute.

Paper Sketching Interfaces

After the minute is up, we share our motivations behind each design, critique one another on the importance and ease of each feature. Then flip our papers over and start one more Design Studio while keeping in mind the best features we liked in order to produce a better sketched wireframe.

Design Studio (Part Two)

Step Two!

The next step was to work cooperatively on combining our paper sketches into one solid wire frame. This process took many iterations which lead to our minimal viable product for paper testing.

WhiteBoarding Interface


  • Using our individual creativity.
  • Critiquing.
  • Establishing MVP paper prototype.

User Testing

We started to paper test with our MVP design. This step was very crucial to our design iterations.

Onboarding Paper Sketch
First MVP attempt
10th Onboarding design Iteration
10th design iteration User Interface Design

KPI’s User Testing

Design Iterations

  • Prioritizing simplicity.
  • Easy to use navigation.

Fandango Branding Guidelines

We first took a look at the branding guidelines before stepping into higher fidelity mock ups.

Color Style


Rapid Fidelity

It was finally time to start higher fidelity mock ups. We split up on the project 3 ways: onboard,sign up, and user interface.

Mid-Fi Onboard
Mid-Fi Sign In
Mid-Fi Interface
Hi-Fi Onboard
Hi-Fi Sign Up
Hi-Fi User Interface
Hi-Fi Prototype Ready!

Story Telling

Let the Fun Begin!

We assembled a story for our target user persona[Rose] giving her a scenario and solution with our newly researched and tested design features for Fandango Gold.

Terrence Nelson- laying down the premise, Kyle Miyamoto- laying down the tracks


Presentation Time!

After several practices, we delivered a well rehearsed presentation to our peers.

Organizing our project


We found a project and gathered again all together in order to put all the U|X pieces together and create the Mega-sword;

A giant perfectly crafted beast ready to take our users on a epic Fandango Gold journey!

U|X Tool Set

Our U|X Tools for Fandango GOLD

-Diseña para maña-

  • Roberto Plascencia