Why I Invested $50,000 in LaneAxis ICO and plan for more.

I have over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, ranging from investment to real estate financing. I ultimately launched my own privately held hedge-fund, shared by my close acquaintances,that exclusively focuses on the cryptocurrency industry. In the past, I’ve co-founded and served as the Vice President of a $20 Million international import/export company.

As far as LaneAxis goes, I read their white paper and I believe I was one of the first investors that initially invested $50,000. What attracted me to LaneAxis is the outstanding team, its track record and an already working product. In addition, I also am extremely positive on the ultimate value of what this utility token could become.

After reading their whitepaper & US Patents, I understood that almost 90% of goods and products being delivered on a truck & their Driver Social App would be connecting them all. As per my knowledge, globally connecting drivers to a single point of interaction will generate massive amounts of data and enable GPS-based load matching that can be utilized on a global scale.

I like how they are bringing the blockchain technology into the global supply chain industry and it’s quite commendable for the fact that, their application is already on the app-store. High hopes from this one!

So, that means they already have the demand and second, they have brought an industry-first semi-offchain Payment Solution using ERC-20 technology in Suply Chain Sector to help businesses of all sizes get paid more efficiently, save money on transaction fees and create a more stable fast and secure ecosystem. Of course, third, there is a limited supply of data (inventory). This adds the kicker because the more demand that uses LaneAxis product, the price of the supply will go up. Therefore, in a simple sense, this becomes a basic supply & demand logic. Needless to say, I’ll be holding on to my investment since they clearly have the ability to own the the online invoicing domain powered by Blockchain technology.

Now as to how I do personal comparison on growth potential, well as of today, Bitcoin has a market cap of $200 billion. The industry LaneAxis is in will do Billions this year. On top of their current product, they are planning to fix the drawbacks & problems faced by the current generation industry. This was a major attraction for me. Furthermore, they have a solid team with a track record of 20+ years in the space, plus a solid advisory board with names like Amarpreet Singh as their Senior Blockchain Engineer. They are the only company that I believe that can use blockchain to combat manipulation & corruption in this domain, keeping it transparent and rewarding their users. Those two are interesting value proposition to tackle as it’s costing the professional industry huge amounts of loss. If they are successful in fixing these issues, they will be one of the first companies to add billions of dollars back into this industry by using blockchain technology.

I don’t think I have seen a blockchain company to date that has a bold vision like LaneAxis, especially with the foresight to execute on it.With all the best wishes and heartiest support,

Roberto Ricci.