4 Tools To Help You Boost Your Productivity

by Robert Pop

Productivity is always a hot topic, because being productive is essential to both your personal and professional success. In our daily busyness we often find it hard to focus on the important tasks and, also, find time for the things that make us happy and fulfil us. Therefore being able to automate certain things and/or combine certain activities can be vital. Here’s a list of 4 great apps and online tools that will help you boost your productivity.

  1. Researchers tell us that people work better when there’s white noise in the background. That’s where an app like Noisli comes in handy by generating the soothing sound of rain (or several other sounds) while you continue to work and be more productive.
  2. Marinara Timer is based on the Pomodoro technique, which is an incredibly popular productivity method that requires you to incorporate specific periods of rest and renewal into your workday by breaking it up into 25-minute chunks of productive time. After the time is up, you get a short break and then you repeat the same cycle again and again. The Marinara Timer will alert you when the 25 minutes is up so you can take a quick moment to relax before getting back to work again. Knowing you are able to take a break when the timer goes off helps you beat procrastination.
  3. Organize all the blogs, news and other such sources you read on a regular basis using Feedly, which enables you to read all the things you love in one place — or you can choose to save articles for later and come back to read them another time.
  4. I just love IFTTT! The acronym stands for “If this, then that”, and it’s an app that allows you to create little chains of productivity using simple “recipes” that get triggered by certain apps / actions. The “recipes” act as Triggers and Actions to prompt you to stay productive. For example, you can make a recipe that automatically turns every email you start in your Gmail into a reminder in your iOS Reminders app. Pretty cool, right?

These are just 4 of the awesome online / mobile tools out there, that can really boost your productivity if you start using them. Give them a try and let me know how they worked out for you. Do you know other great tools like these? I’d love to know more about them — just leave a comment below.

Originally published at robertpop.com on June 17, 2015.