Nothing is hard in this world
Ben Keene

Robert Rea

What I remember most about Pupu Epeli is the way he treated all of us newcomers to his world as equals. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know how to spear a fish, or hammer a nail properly, or build a hut, or catch a wild chicken. It didn’t matter how limited our skills were, or how little aptitude we had for the task at hand. He’d just take it in his stride and (gently) teach you where you were going wrong — and the genuine delight in his face when you began to learn how to do things like a Fijian was reward in itself. It didn’t matter how much we choked when we tried our first kava — in his eyes, it seemed, we were all just islanders like him. Just ones that needed a bit of a helping hand from time to time. RIP Pupu