Day 5 in Palaui

The new members to the team had the opportunity to tour the Island of Peleliu. The students walked the battle grounds while looking at the before picture of what the Island looked like, after the war had left its mark on the land. They walked along White Beach, Orange Beach, and hiked up the steep Bloody Nose Ridge. They honored the men who fought and served while giving a moment of silence at the monument of the fallen soldiers. Towards the end of the tour, the students were able to explorer the 1,000 Man Cave, where they maneuvered their way through the dark dodging bats, giant spiders, and crickets.

The returning team members had the opportunity to complete their first scuba dive in Palau. Chloe, Jeremy, Maddy, and Mr.Richards went to three different dive sites. They dove Fairyland Reef, Blue Corner, and a shipwreck. The team went to 75 feet in depth, with bottom times up to 48 minutes. The team also got to see a variety of marine animals. From fish, sharks, and sea turtles, the students had three amazing dives.

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