Power up the almost useless code suggestions in JupyterLab

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JupyterLab’s native code completion is well….not great.

As a data scientist, you almost surely use a form of Jupyter Notebooks. Hopefully, you have moved over to the goodness of JupyterLab with its integrated sidebar, tabs, and more. When it first launched in 2018, JupyterLab was great but felt it was missing some things.

Now you can add a visual debugger and there is even a library called nbdev that allows you to author full Python packages and push them to PyPI. JupyterLab has become a complete IDE for data scientists. But one thing was still sub-optimal until recently, code completions.

Trying to use the built-in code completion in JupyterLab gets you something like…


Robert Ritz

Data Scientist and Director of LETU Mongolia. Keen observer of Mongolia.

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