Knowing your #Tarot Limit

Giving your best in a #Tarot session means also knowing your limits

So here is one proverbial question I ask my #Tarot Students here in the #Philippines.

If 20 people lined up and all wanted reading with you today and were willing to pay would you accomodate them all?”

You’d be surprised how many of my students would say YES! I would cater to them all and would gladly read for them all in 1 days. But I am concerned about the fact that these kind of students do not realize the “cost” this will place upon the reader.

You see Tarot reading involves energy, and the more of it that you use the less the quality of your reading becomes. Think of it like being a Masseuse. If you are serving your first client you will be much more likely to give your best rather than if you’ve been servicing 10 people.

At the end of the day, no one wants to get any less quality than they deserve. In my own personal practice i make it a point to limit my FULL consultations (usually ranging from 1 hour) to no more than 5 a day. If a 6th pops up I explain to them that they deserve nothing LESS than me at my very best and I promise to give them top priority the next day. This tactic helps the client feel important and 95% of the time the client will agree to better service if they wait a little bit.

This also reminds you to take care of yourself as a reader. Since you are in fact using energy, over use of the tarot can leave you extremely depeated and make you prone to sickness. Sad to say one of my best friends got very ill because he decided to Rambo 48 people in tarot within a day. After everythign is said and done getting hospitalized will always cost more than what ever you could earn from a session. So know thy limits!!

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