Tarot for Self Discovery

What if I were to tell you that you’ve been using the tarot wrong all this time??? Its something I tell Tarot readers and students in the Philippines all the time.

Many people tend to think that the purpose of the Tarot cards are for divination and for fortune telling. But this has always been one of the biggest misconceptions within the practice of the Tarot. Sure using the Tarot for seeing into what could be is a powerful application of how the deck works, it is not however the main purpose of why the deck was created.

Rosicrucian Author Paul Foster case said in his writings that “The Primary purpose of the Tarot is to…. PROVOKE THOUGHT”

So with that being said it is important to consider that how we THINK about the cards is more important after all than how the cards are supposidly used. With this in mind let us think about some cards within the deck.. and see how you or I react on them based upon who we are already, and as a result what we can learn about ourselves by this simple exercise.

Take a look at this card. The depiciton of Old Nick the Devil Himself

Think about what comes to mind when you see this card

Now most people will say “what a negative card!” Or something in line with a darker side of thinking. And on an EXOTERIC level this can be taken at face value…

So if you are part of the group that says this card is a BAD card take note of that…

Now what if I were to tell you that this card can potentially be a GOOD card. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SAY THAT?! I’m sure you would ask…

Good question: You see how you LOOK at this card also shows how you look at the concept of commitment and binding agreements. But what exactly do I mean by that??

THe devil simply offers a deal. If you are familiar with the story of Faust the Devil Mephisthopheles simply offered Faust what he wanted at a cost. He did not FORCE it upon Faust but simply said that if you want this.. Simply sign over your soul.. THe same can be said about many things in this world.. Take mortgage payments for example. You are literally BINDING yourself to paying a LARGE ammount every month for heaven knows how long in your lifeto own a home .. Another way of looking at this card can be a contract offered by a company or a job. Once again they are OFFERING you something, in exchange for a ceratin sacrifice from you in terms of Time and effort.

That being said. All the devil represents is an offer and what you are willing to do in order to accept the offer. You are more than welcome to say NO but you also may be tempted by why you get from this kind of offer. As we all are. And with that being said you have just discovered a bit more about how you look at things simply by how you view The devil in the tarot. and knowing that What other mysteries about you can be unearthed if you take a deeper look into the secrets of the Tarot..


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