The Tarot as a spellbook

In my career as a Tarot reader here in the Philippines i’ve discovered that the #Tarot in itself is not just a tool for divination but in fact has more potential than we previously thought.

yes boys and girls.. believe it or not.. The Simple Tarot deck that most people just use for Fortunetelling has a lot more secrets hidden within it than you give it credit for….

as i like to say, if someone is using the tarot just for carding reading its like using your Ipad just playing music.. There is an entire world of potential possibility that the Tarot represents within its sacred secrets. For arguments sake let us use the Rider Waite Smith deck as a point of reference since its from what I consider the perfect deck for self discovery using the tarot

lets take for example one rather neglected suit of the Tarot deck shall we.. the Minor Arcana..

Within its 56 cards are in fact several different possible scenarios that a knowing mage can invoke, project and direct should they know the means and be so incline to do so… For example…

WHen people ask me. How do I attract love to my life.. Most amatures will make the mental leap and say “Oh the Lovers is the card for you”

I beg to differ….. This would be my professional recommendation..

Instead I recommend this card.. since it is in fact the card of finding a twin soul, someone who in reality can bring what you NEED into your life as compared to the ego based wants that most are driven by..

now the question is.. HOW do I do this?? Well this is where the subjectivity of magick comes into play.. How do you THINK you feel best doing this? Some would meditate on this card every day.. Others would carry it around as a consecrated talisman.. while others would have more complex means.. What ever floats your boat I say…

I for one carried this card in my wallet for 3 years.. I’m happily married now :) with the woman of my dreams and living the family life I always wanted. :) So that in itself can be a sign of the potential success this simple method employs..

From this point. study the deck, try to understand what each card can potentially do and in effect can potentially be used as… You will never fail to be surpried with what you will discover each day…

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