What Kind of a Tarot Reader are you? The Tarot Archetypes

A lot of the time, people come to me for tarot consultations because they want clarity. Roughly 90% of the time the client has something in his or her mind that he/she wants answers on.

“Will I get that job???”

“Does he have feelings for me??”

“What does so and so think about me”

The list goes on and on about what a client can ask. A lot of the time the client is looking for a “general reading” and any Mysterium tarot consultant worth their salt will be able to do this. But the biggest question lies as to what you should specialize in as a tarot reader. Because in all honesty there are those that wouldnt want to ask for love advice via the tarot from someone who’s had next to zero love experience. Nor would they want to consult the tarot with regards to leadership concerns with someone who’s never had to carry to burden of leadership.

In most cases I’ve observed throughout my career as a Tarot consultatant that you will most of the time fall under one of these classificaitons but this is not a hard rule to follow. In my own case I fall under a speciality class in one of these categories but it doesnt mean I cant read for others with regards to other facets of life.

So without further adieu..

Tarot Reader Archetype #1: The Love Guru

The kind of Reader has had a VAST set of experiences in terms of love life and gift the best consultations with regards to this topic simply put because they can combine both experiencial knowledge and energetic resonance when you ask them about the topics of love and Romance. This kind of reader can be thought of like Hitch from the Will Smith movie.

Tarot Reader Archetype #2: The Problem Solver

I gotta guy..” is something that you wont be surprised hearing from this kind of reader. They usually call it as it is and will be the ones to tell you when you have to hear something blatantly. They dont sugar coat their readings but they will gladly show you a realistic approach how to deal with problematic issues in your life. Worried that someone is gonna try to screwball you? Afraid you’re gonna lose that spot as number 1 in your industry. This kind of reader will give you the Pro’s the cons, the Strengths and the weaknesses of anyhting you do and will gladly do so if you pay them their “consultation fees”

Tarot Reader Archetype #3: The Intuitive Healer/Reader

these gentle souls are both nurturing and caring in their appoach to you. Never to come off as too strong they will always hold a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on should you come to them for tarot services. They are in constant contact with their guides and will usually combine energy healing modalieis like #Reiki with their reading services to give an over all feel good effect. These types of readers will channel intuitive messages throughout the reading but in most cases will not want to interfere with your “Karmic lessons” These readers will always give the clients a feel good experience but will not always have the ability to say it as it is.

Tarot Reader Archetype #4: The Doomsayer

These types of readers.. are a pain in the ass. Why? because they almost ALWAYS give BAD readings, and bad news to people. Want to know if you’re gonna get that job? they will say you’re not only gonna get denied.. but your boyfriend will cheat on you and you’ll be diagnosed with throat cancer as well. Not the best kind of reader and are not only extremely blunt but also know to be givers of NTE (Negative Tarot Experiences). Here is a hint. Dont be this kind of reader!

Tarot Reader Archetype #5: The Tarot Wizard

These kinds of readers act as guides but at the same time as essential advisors of people high up on the food chain. They are usually hired as consultants for big time businessmen/women to see potential risks and to prepare for pre-emptive measures. In these cases the reader does a dual job as Spiritual defense secretary and Oracle for their employers

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