What Sportswriters Get Wrong About Violence Against Women
Julie DiCaro

As the father of the 4 greatest daughters in the world I live in dread of assault (of any kind) on their persons.As a brother of 5 wonderful sisters I experienced the consequences several times.Assault on women and girls wreaks a devastation beyond your worst fucking nightmare.For a long time I thought I had fully integrated this into my thinking.About 5 years ago when the conversation about rape culture became more mainstream and started to appear in my consciousness in a nagging fashion I started to think about it.The common indicators-sexualization of extreme youth,bikini hamburger seduction,abasement of the victims,refusal to accept societal responsibility for men’s attitudes etc.,etc.-are everywhere.Strangely,though,what brought it home to me was the forced kiss in my beloved romcoms and the subsequent embrace of the victim of the truth that only that manly move could free them to love their masterful conqueror.Think about it.Then think about it happening to your sister or daughter.Now think about it again and again til you start to accept the act for the violation that it is.When does it become acceptable?