I’d wager that if Democrats controlled Congress now, as Republicans did during Obama’s Presidency…
Taylor Griffin

I had to return to your response and remind you that once again it is Trump who’s causing the Constitutional crisis! Whether it’s his goading the “Little Rocket man” of N. Korea or throwing single rolls of paper towels at the Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, who were knee-deep in sewage filled water. Attacking their mayor because she witnessed and ferociously expressed her concerns regarding the well-being of Puerto Rico’s citizens who were doing all they could to survive in the deplorable conditions that were forced upon them, only to be reminded that their citizens weren’t doing enough and that they were recking our country’s budget? Inexcusably fighting with an American hero, John McCain? Lying without hesitation nor conviction, making it increasingly impossible to believe a word he says, I mean seriously! Childishly reminding us, every chance he gets, that he beat “Crooked Hillary Clinton!” Picking fights with the NFL players, Gold Star families…we could go on and on but I’ll stop and reiterate my original point. Donald Trump is the crisis that we face and for the sake of our democracy he must go! Whether it’s by way of impeachment, or he recognizes he’s in way over his head and resigns (wishful thinking) or that we have to wait until 2020 to replace him, it’s time that our country finds a way to heal from the division and chaos he’s caused, here and abroad!