Madman President of China Xi Jinping


Will China ever be a Superpower First. ‘NO’

Will China become the sole global superpower — economically, militarily, and geopolitically — by the middle of this century. ‘NO’

Second, China’s ascension will be disrupted and halted by internal turmoil.

To many mouths to feed that is why they are inventing COVID-19 and all the rest of the “China virus,”.

China will continue to be a major economic force but will not be the dynamic engine of global growth it once was, the report reads.

Instead, a new group of 16 nations which includes most of South-East Asia, East Africa and part of Latin America will emerge in China’s place as an economic powerhouse.

Pollution, Overpopulation, Demographics, Wage Increases, Regional Tensions, Emigration, Reform, Military Issues, free speech, Madman President of China Xi Jinping a problem.

China is in a dispute with Japan.

One thousand miles to the northeast, China is in a dispute with Japan over century-old claims to a set of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea called the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China.

That poses the potential for wider conflict since the U.S. has said the islands are covered by its security treaty with Japan.

Japan has told China to take a run and jump.

Ask the hard question about China.

If any country asks the hard question about China?

If any country dares to ask the question of or about China?

Madman President of China Xi Jinping announces tariffs.

Any fool can see what this cowboy is up to.

As Trump said if you do not build it here, I will put 100% tax on any item you import into our Country.

I wish Australia got some balls and followed suit.

Ex-Australian Prime Minister Keating once said if Australia was not careful, we might become a banana republic.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked the world to investigate where COVID-19 Came from.

China thought they would become the bully boys and try and intimidate Australia. By placing tariffs on all Australian goods, wine you name it they have done.

But let me tell you ‘Madman’ The President of China Xi Jinping. You are a silly boy we do not want your business.

China has been shown up for the country you are a bunch of idiots and fools.

We will give away our products before we see anything to China again.

The President of China Xi Jinping has been responsible for the murder of thousands of children and women.

Hacked channel nine Australia in 2021.

China has tried to hack into Chanel Nine Australia because nine has broadcast have not been to the like of the Nazi Chinese Government.


China in a dispute with Taiwan Chinese Government sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually be part of the country again.

While some Taiwanese think this will never happen in the future, others now feel that they already effectively are a separate nation independent from the clutches of big red.

The dispute with China has left relations on a knife-edge with a constant threat of a violent flare-up that could drag the US into a war.

Yes, I know.

China will attack 2022

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Let me tell you I love those kids in Hong Kong who are taking the fight all the way against the bully tactics of China, people power will win out.

‘China, the New Nazis’ Party: Hong Kong Protesters’ Troubling Fixation with Swastikas. Beware of the beast from the gates of hell.

Hong Kong protestors are ‘repurposing’ Third Reich symbols to express their fear of China’s repressive rule. As a Holocaust educator living there, their blanket use of swastikas is jarring, ignorant — and unnecessary.

All these countries or groups have had some symbols relating to Germanys Nazi past. Romans, Italy, Chinese, French, French, Ku Klux Klan, North Korea.

China ‘colonising

China ‘colonising smaller countries China ‘colonising smaller countries by lending them massive amounts of money they can never repay in a bid for world domination.

It will not work; the world will stop it.

Defaulters have been pressured into surrendering assets and territory or allowing military bases on their land.

Again, it will not work, the world will stop it.

China is rapidly rushing to gain economic and political ascendancy across the globe — and it is splashing out billions of dollars in concessional loans to developing countries in the process.

Trying to tell the world they are the good guys, ha-ha.

Human rights the world knows too much about China and its own rules when applying human rights violations.

I do not think I need to say one more world Next virus Next virus will kill billions just hope it does not come from China again.

China on UN human rights panel

China is now on a UN human rights panel, despite a long list of allegations of its own human rights abuses.

How does China rate when compared to various human rights organisations and non-governmental bodies around the world?

And where does China dwell?

At 126 out of 162 nations.

Street kids

Street kids a million children live on streets in China from two years old to eighteen years old live on the street in China.

Dalai Lama and China

On April 29, 1959, the Dalai Lama established the independent Tibetan government in exile, the Central Tibetan Administration, in the north Indian hill station of Mussoorie, which then moved in May 1960 to Dharamsala India, where he resides.

He retired as political head in 2011 to make way for a democratic government.

Another case of the bully boys from China is a land grab.

COVID-19 has killed 2,885,401 as of 09/04/2021 in the world. RIP

Russia will declare war in 2022




Robert Sherriff - poet – author - singer-actor – model - Historian. Q-ANON – This is Q tell your friends to buy a copy of this book. cheers. ‘Q’.

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Robert Sherriff Author

Robert Sherriff Author

Robert Sherriff - poet – author - singer-actor – model - Historian. Q-ANON – This is Q tell your friends to buy a copy of this book. cheers. ‘Q’.

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