VidCon Debrief

The lack of balance in this debrief is truly mind boggling.

I am also astonished that given that Hank Green claims to be “blissfully ignorant of” the wider context, he takes Anita’s viewpoint at her word without hearing the countervailing arguments from Sargon of Akkad.

Honestly, this looks like it is basically a hit piece by Hank who has not actually done the due dilligence to find out from BOTH sides what occurred and why, and has chosen (rather unsurprisingly) to come down in support of Anita.

What can you expect though really? Did anyone really believe that the rules about harassment would actually be enforced fairly and equally? If Sargon had called Anita a “garbage human”, what would have happened? We all know he would have been ejected immediately and banned from returning, but when Anita is the one doing the harassment it leads to a chat where her viewpoint is swallowed hook line and sinker and she is then allowed to go on to be on a panel about bullying on the internet!

Hank should feel a deep sense of shame over how he has dealt with this issue. I used to watch his channel because I want to hear his point of view, but it is clear from this that he is merely an ideologue who wants to support Anita’s narrow aggressive intolerant point of view.

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