A Call for Artists is Up for the “Mysterious Thief Saint Tail” Manga Sequel

The vintage series that is “ Mysterious Thief Saint Tail ”, highlighting the undertakings of a supernatural hoodlum is returning with a sequel and it has been chosen by Pixiv that a challenge would be held keeping in mind the end goal to pick will’s identity the artist to help deal with the new series.

For the individuals who wish to be a part of the challenge, entries are on going and will keep running until 23:59 on July 17. Participats are required to post representations and settings of the main characters alongside delineations or no less than an unfinished version of eight pages from the manga arrangement with the tag “セイント・テール新章マンガ募集” (which generally means “Saint Tail New chapter manga wanted”) on Pixiv.

While competitors are open as far as making new characters for the sequel, they are likewise required to submit to the following guidelines:

  1. Saint Tail steals for the lost lambs, never for self-interest.
  2. Saint Tail’s weapons are his/her physical ability and magics inherited from his/her parents.
  3. Saint Tail must have a some kind of “Tail” like the one that Meimi in the original series had.

The participant that will win get an ensured spot in the magazine of Kondansha and have their work distributed.

For the individuals who may not know, “”Mysterious Thief Saint Tail” is above all else, a manga series that was made by Megumi Tachikawa. It was first serialized in 1994 in the Kodansha’s month to month shoujo manga magazine Nakayoshi from 1994 to 1996. An aggregate of seven tankobon (independent/standalone books) were made.

It was in 1995 that the series was adjusted into an anime by Tokyo Movie and kept running until 1996 with a sum of 43 scenes.

The story takes after the adventures of a youthful schoolgirl named Meimi Haneoka and her twofold life as a criminal who takes from the individuals who has stolen from others for individual gain. Perceived as Saint Tail in her other personality, she, alongside her schoolmate and sister-in-preparing Seira Mimori embarked to help the general population but on the other hand are criminals to the police.

The story of the new series is portrayed to be set in a world wherein the first Saint Tail has vanished. Thus another puzzling saint is going to rise and they will be the one to help the general population of Seika city.

On another note, author Tashikawa will be making an appearance at the screening meeting for the series.

On another note, creator Tashikawa will be showing up at the screening meeting for the series.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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