“Get On! Kyoto City Subway” Campaign Brings May 27 Premiere of Anime Short

Appreciate the subway services with the moe girl mascots of the “Get on Kyoto City Subway” drive as they set out on screens on May 27 with a settled short anime made possible by their crowdfund campaign.

It was announced last year, the campaign, which was made as a support for the city’s subway benefit, had not just accomplished its underlying objective, it earned 10 times more than expected and along these lines, the 10-minute short anime will make its premier at the Live House Kyoto VOXhall where the venture’s staff and cast will show up.

The three primary moe mascots of this campaign are three secondary school young ladies named Moe Uzumasa, Misa Ono, Saki Matsuga, Rei Uzumasa whom were at first made to lift ridership and counterbalance the amazing spending shortfall by the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau in 2011.

The girls gained their popularity in 2013 with the help of local artist Kmogawa. They also helped in bringing attractions to Kyoto Subway Systems, They also gaine a light novel when the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair and Kyoto Gakuen University Cooperated.

With the young lady’s achievement in the campaign it has been affirmed that they will be joined by male partners, Ryou, Misa’s more older sibling, and his companion, Takeru. Addition to the two male characters, there is another character that is being prodded for the twentieth commemoration of the JR Kyoto Isetan retail establishment and a bistro campaign is propelling not long from now.

The anime short will highlight the three primary young ladies as they anxiously go into their first day of secondary school. Playing as the chipper and reasonable fundamental character, Moe Uzumasa is Nana Hasegawa. Saki Matsuga, the lively and honest one of the gathering is being voiced by Yui Tsukada. To wrap things up, Mimori Tanigake is playing as the ‘cool straight lady’ with an aptitude for the guitar, Misa Ono.

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