Hello again and welcome to my third post on classroom management! I hope my last post was informative on how classroom management techniques evolve from elementary into middle school. This post will focus on creating a safe and effective learning environment for our students. That is done by having effective classroom management, unlike the following classroom:

As I mentioned before, the main goal of classroom management is to create a safe and effective learning environment. Teachers should focus on creating a structured and secure learning environment. This is done by being consistent with rules, procedures and daily routines. Practicing these procedures and routines help students understand the importance and keeps everything calm, consistent and organized. Coordinating with co-workers and peers by having similar procedures helps create and maintain the familiarity. The following video is directed towards middle school students, but I believe can be applied to all age groups.

The big idea is to engage your students! When students are engaged, they are less likely to act out thus creating behavioral issues that can interfere with the learning environment. Create and maintain effective classroom management practices and believe that your students can achieve!