What Is Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery?

Robert Spicer
Jan 5 · 2 min read

If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery because you are tired following a gym and diet regime that does not help, you are considering a safe and long-lasting option to lose weight. Once you have considered this, you may want to know all the risks and benefits related to this surgery. You may want to know if your eligible for this operation and what are the lifestyle changes that you may need to make for this to work.s

The first and most vital step is picking the right surgeon for your surgery. You may want to choose a local surgeon because you don’t want to go to and for a doctor’s appointment. Various surgeons are expert in gastric sleeve surgery in Baltimore. You need to pick one who fits your budget and priorities. To do this, you may need to get great reviews on this doctor. Since you will be handling your body to this doctor, you may need to ask around and look for positive reviews once everything looks great to go ahead and schedule an appointment. A doctor would be the best person together with all the information.

Who is eligible?

If you have a BMI of over 40 and you have already tried workout and diet and failed to lose weight, then you qualify for the surgery. If you have a BMI of over, but you are diagnosed with a disease that’s linked to obesity, you can get the surgery done too. You may be required to make some diet and lifestyle changes before the surgery.

What happens during the surgery?

It is not an extremely long process and generally takes an hour get completed. The surgeon makes a small incision on your stomach and inserts a laparoscope. Then from that incision, an instrument with the tiny camera is inserted into the abdomen that sends the picture to a monitor. The surgeon then inserts other medical devices through additional cuts and removes three fourth of your stomach. This process is irreversible because the stomach is taken out. The abdomen is then attached directly to the small intestine with the help of a ‘sleeve’ or tube.

What happens after the surgery?

Once the procedure is done, the incisions are sewn back together. It takes some time to recover, and during this time, you are not allowed to drink or eat anything. Once the stomach is healed, you will need to start with liquids.

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