What I Think My Frustrating Dreams Mean

…So I have this recurring variation of a dream. But first let me give you some background.

I used to organize and lead a lot of activities for kids at summer camps and in programs for children. So these dreams stem from those experiences. As a program director, I had responsibility for plannng, organizing, and communicating to staff so that fun activities would happen in the right timeframes, safely, and hopefully without kids having behavior problems.

These experiences are a part of recurring dreams, which often are in a summer camp setting.

So Here’s My Dream from This Morning Before I Woke Up.

My dream involved a competition between teams of girls. probably aged 10 to 12. Each group had a counselor. I was a counselor also. An older lady was in charge. (Since I’ve usually been the older lady in charge of younger camp staff, this was an interesting position to be in.)

This woman gave instructions that I missed since I must have been dealing with some sort of camper problem at the time. However, this didn’t bother me because I had done this game with the kids in the past and knew how it was supposed to go. (At least I thought so.)

The game started, but it was unclear as to which teams were supposed to be playing against each other. It was the type of competition where one girl from each team was to compete against one girl from the other team. So I asked a counselor named Karon if our two teams could compete. She was agreeable. We kind of laughed, because I am Karen, and our names were pronounced the same.

She didn’t seem to have a clue about what we should be doing, so I took charge. However, for some reason, we had difficulties getting the game to happen as it was supposed to. It was taking too long, and somehow all of her girls finished without all of mine finishing. Now this really couldn’t have happened since each girl from each side was supposed to compete against each other, and team numbers were equal.

I knew that each of our teams was to move on to compete against other teams. We needed to head back to the camp office before that switch could happen. But there was some issue about needing to check in there to get medicine and to make sure we accurately recorded which campers got what medicine. It was weird, because somehow I thought getting medicine was a part of the game.

Karon and I made our way to the office without our groups of girls. Now anyone who has worked with kids knows that you don’t just leave a bunch of girls on their own. But that’s what we did.

When we got there, the woman who had given instructions didn’t help us understand the problem we were having with the competition or anything about the medicine. But I remembered that in the past the game had involved getting medicine.

I was feeling frustrated. Then I woke up.

How This Dream is a Recurring Variation

I frequently have dreams about being in charge of children’s activities and programs, and everything goes wrong and is confusing. This morning’s dream was just another variation.

Since I haven’t run a camp program since 2008 and now only oversee a children’s church program for a very small group of kids, it surprises me that I continue to dream these dreams about something that is no longer a responsibility. I never had dreams like this when I was actually running programs like that. (At least I don’t remember having them.)

I’m Guessing What These Dreams Mean

I’m not an interpreter of dreams. So if anyone has any insights, feel free to leave comments that will help me sort this out

Here’s what I have come up with. I think it’s a matter of feeling out of control. I must like to be in control.

In my part time writing career, I sometimes run into technical difficulties with my blog or social media. And I get distracted by the next great webinar that is supposed to help me hone my writing and marketing skills. So then I get frustrated about not accomplishing as much as I’d like by actually writing.

In my personal life, my husband has diabetes and dementia. There has been a slow decline in his abilities and an increase in confusion. I can’t control that. I can only offer support and give him reminders, such as letting him know he should test his blood, take pills, and take his insulin. (Maybe that influenced the medicine part of my dream.)

My three children are adults, two of them with children of their own. As any family does, they have their own struggles involving children and finances. One daughter’s husband is out of work during the shut-down due to the Coronavirus. The other daughter’s husband’s chiropractic business isn’t seeing many patients, and their income is tied to the number of patients he sees. My son has some severe health problems, and he lives far away.

I can’t control these things. But I pray and try to leave it to God to take care of them all. And I do what I can to help all of them. I am not a person who worries a lot.

The dreams have been going on for a few years. So I don’t think they are specifically related to the pandemic related shut-down. I think these dreams may be rooting up a hidden anxiety and feeling of lack of control.

What do you think? Are you having similar recurring dreams? Do they give you insights into yourself? I’d love to have you comment so we can learn from each other.




Writer, Internet Marketer, Grandma, Assistant homeschooler, Retired caseworker, former summer camp director

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Karen Roberts

Karen Roberts

Writer, Internet Marketer, Grandma, Assistant homeschooler, Retired caseworker, former summer camp director

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