Its not that men didn’t hit on her, it’s just that the right kind of men didn’t hit in her, all else forgotten.
Ok, but don’t proceed to tell me what you think men do or what men should do to accommodate your…
Sumant Manne

What most feminists are complaining about, in terms of dating and relationships, is very simple: “The guys I like don’t like me back, at least not in the way I want guys to like me.” Period. Full stop.

This complaint is then elaborated into an enormous theory about patriarchy, sexism, “objectification,” blah, blah, blah. But this problem isn’t political or ideological. There is no legislation or policy that can solve the problem of women’s unhappiness with their social lives. And it doesn’t take a great deal of insight to understand that most single men could make very similar complaints about their own social lives. “Hey, why aren’t Swedish bikini models lining up to date me? How come NBA players get all the chicks?” Guys don’t make those kind of complaints because they realize how ridiculous it is to make such things the basis of a “social justice” argument.

Word to the wise: Good people are usually in relationships. They’re not trawling Tinder in search of “action.” Beyond a certain age — say,. 25 — the people you tend to find in the singles scene are either users or losers. The folks who are attractive, with an aptitude for maintaining stable relationships, well, they’re in relationships. And if for some reason their relationship ends, these people aren’t going to suffer from any shortage of opportunities to form new relationships. So if you know someone who seems to ping-pong around a lot with short-term hookups or long spells of loneliness, guess what? They are not high-quality people. Something is wrong with them, and blaming “society” for their problems is just a way for them to avoid admitting their shortcomings.