Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam — What to Know About

According to the stats, consumers are vulnerable to lose up to millions of dollars annually because of telemarketing scams and frauds. In the market, competitors are worried due to the management strength of Mr. Robert Sussman. Hence, they are spreading rumors like Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam.

According to them, his company Vacation Tree is one of the fraudulent agencies but it is not true in any way. Mr. Robert Sussman travels in different countries to expand his business and to provide employment opportunities to people. His business ventures also serve Fortune 500 companies.

But, there are few rival who are after his clear image and who want to destroy his presence by spreading rumors like Robert Sussman Vacation Tree fraud. Well this is not true. Robert Sussman is actually a hardworking business who reached the top position only with his dedication and willpower. He is the true example of realizing American Dream. So, he puts all rumors to rest, such as Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud.

His Business Ventures

The business ventures of this 60-year-old businessman are –

· Timeshare

· Vacation Tree

· Las Vegas Events & Shows


Vacation Tree is very close to the heart of Robert Sussman. The company of Robert Sussman, Vacation Tree, looks for the consumers through his dedicated team using several call centers owned by them. One of these is located off Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas and other near San Diego in El Cajon, CA.

The company has well trained team of professionals offering variety of packages as per their need and they are going to help people in need. After choosing the desired package, it is sent to the customers to sign and return to place their ads.

For posting such ads in several newspapers like NY Times, LA Times and several other papers across the nation for sale in Timeshare, they are supposed to charge around $500 to $1500 as a fee. Thereafter, they wait for proposal, which is suited to the aspirations and needs of the customers. They always proceed if everything works well. If your property is not sold at any given time, you may sell your property to them at fair market price.

People are doing negative publicity of his business as they are rivals and they cannot provide best services like him at very low prices. You can find the list of happy customers at the website of Robert Sussman Vacation Tree. Their telemarketing team has benefitted plenty of customers.