Robert Sussman — Top Class Marketing Professional

1Planet Media is one of the best marketing companies, which helps customers to fulfill their marketing needs. Mr. Robert Sussman, a 60 Years old man from Las Vegas runs the company, who holds 30 years of experience in dealing with Timeshare. The company got it wings due to his hard work and diligence. Hence, if you are looking for a Marketing company to rent or share your property, this is one of the prestigious companies.

One of the largest divisions of this company is Timeshare Resort Marketing. It finds the customers who want to buy some product or services. Company’s operator calls the buyers directly who are interested in company’s advertisement. Sometime customers need special assistance and need to be comfortable as they decide to buy some property. The company has top class employees who give full support to customers. Robert Sussman is an experienced, multitalented businessman. He is best in negotiating credit letters, and sales contract. He has spread its chains in across United States of America like Robert Sussman, San Diego, CA.

Company has developed three divisions. They have best marketing and operational Managers to satisfy customer’s needs. They have quality methods with the help of which they deliver results quickly. Leads are updated on regular basis regarding property purchased or leased. The renowned corporate entity Vacation Tree LLC deals for offering vocation homes and timeshares by selling them or by offering them on rental basis. These deals are headed by Robert Sussman, Vacation Tree LLC.

Beware of Frauds

People’s lives have been completely changed because of some recently exposed few scams. Some corrective measures have been taken by Robert Sussman to avert telemarketing scams and to stop foreclosure since so many families keep losing their homes everyday by the thousands. The modified plan of foreclosure is not working for the majority of families due to the vigorous pre-requisites, red tape and bureaucracy that need to be surpassed to be considered for this program.

Robert Sussman Rent or Sell initiatives take so many corrective measures to stop foreclosures and save lives of myriad of populating. The company has gained a trust of the clients and pool of clients is increasing regularly.

In your efforts to control Timeshare Fraud, Robert Sussman instructs to stay aware from more many fraudulent people, and before you work with any company or agency make sure it is a legitimate and reputable company.

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