Vacation Tree Timeshare

Selling your share from the comfort of your house without going out of your way to list it and having the hassle of finding the right buyer — sounds like a dream come true. But with Robert Sussman’s Vacation Tree timeshare sales / rentals, it is now possible!

Telemarketing for timeshare:

Representatives from the company will call you in case you are interested in selling your share and do a comprehensive analysis on the market value of the property you own / share. They will ask for a nominal fee to list your property in major newspapers and places with maximum visibility for a period of ten months / until the deal is done, whichever comes first. If the deal closes within the period of ten months, your property can get the best market rate available and you could gain a good profit margin in your hands.

Fair pricing guarantee

If, by some circumstances, the listed timeshare is not bought, Robert Sussman / Vacation Tree guarantee to buy it with a fair price guarantee, where at the end of the ten month period, the company offers to buy the property you listed based on a fair price value of the current market rate.

Rumors you have heard about Robert Sussman being a scammer, or the Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam are absolutely unfounded accusations. These are generated by dissatisfied former employees or competitors and are aimed at maligning the name of Robert Sussman and the companies he owns.

Assured buyer

Unlike other modes of timeshare sales, this method offers you an assured buyer for your property. If at any point of time (within the ten month period) you manage to find a buyer, the company deals with all the related work and guarantee you a hassle free sales offer.

Other timeshare sales companies do not give any such offer — for buying the timeshare once the time is up. At the end of the day, it is the customer who gains the maximum benefit. You can list your unwanted timeshare property and be rest assured of a buyer for your property, no matter which way the swings go.

Forget all the targeted rumors about the Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam the next time our representative calls you, and list your timeshare, sit back and relax while Robert Sussman’s vacation tree does all the work.

The maligning information spread by haters against Robert Sussman do not bother him or his businesses as he continues to give the best timeshare sales and rental offers as Chief Operations Officer of Vacation Tree LLC.


Rumours about the Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam are false and the company and Robert Sussman focus towards giving the customers an assured buyer timeshare sales offer where they can rest easy knowing their timeshare will definitely be sold.