Evernote and OneNote
Vitaly Belman

Good analysis here. I was an Evernote guy for several years before trying out OneNote on the Mac/iOS a few months ago. I’m sticking with both, for different purposes — Evernote for stuff that I need to store and find later (because of EN’s superior search capabilities), OneNote for stuff related to currently active projects (because of ON’s excellent organizational hierarchy). At some point I may narrow down to one tool, but for now separating out the tools by stuff type works for me.

One more thing you didn’t mention is that Evernote’s web clipper is way better than OneNote’s. But — also as you mentioned, it seems like OneNote is a lot busier with development whereas Evernote seems stuck in time, so OneNote is catching up fast, with the web clipper and the other items you mentioned.

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