Remote Onboarding and COVID-19

Immersion into company culture

In colocated businesses, culture is easily conveyed by the way people talk about the company and interact with each other. Employees eat together, joke together, and build relationships that strengthen their ability to work collaboratively. So how can new hires establish these kinds of connections when there is no proverbial watercooler?

Combating imposter syndrome and fostering inclusion

According to a recent study, 58 percent of people with technology-focused careers suffer from imposter syndrome. New hires will come in with a limited understanding of an organization and probably feel uncomfortable to start. What can businesses do to help new hires settle in to their new roles remotely?

Reducing feelings of isolation

Being remote can feel like being on an island,” says Heather. For some, being without human interaction for long periods of time can have a majorly negative impact on mental health. Depressed employees are understandably less productive, so it’s important to do everything you can to check in on employees that you haven’t heard from in a while.

Common remote onboarding challenges

Failing to set up clear goals, expecting too much too fast, and not asking for feedback are all common mistakes made by hiring managers who are remotely onboarding a new hire. We advise setting up clear KPI’s for the first 30, 60, and 90 days, but allowing sufficient time for that new hire to settle in and become acquainted with new processes, communication channels, and coworkers. At each of those time markers, as that new hire for feedback:

  • What could we have done differently your first week?
  • How would you have changed the onboarding process if you could do it over?
  • We really like this article on scheduling meetings for different time zones.
  • We also recommend Range, a team success software, that has a map feature that aids in dispersed time zones.

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