What To Do After A Car Accident In Utah

Aaron Edmond
Feb 20, 2018 · 3 min read

The average driver has three to four car accidents over the course of his or her life. Fortunately, the majority of crashes are not fatal, and many do not even result in serious injury. However, people who are involved in car accidents must be prepared to go through a complicated process to make sure that their medical and financial needs are met. The following are some tips for dealing with an accident from a Car Accident Lawyer.

Step One: Ensure Safety Of Driver And Passengers

The very first step after an accident is to make sure everyone in the car is safe. If anyone is injured or in pain, someone should call 911 immediately for ambulance service and provide first aid or CPR as needed. Next, if possible, each driver should move their car off the road. Getting medical attention should always take priority after an accident.

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Step Two: Call The Police

According to Utah state law, a driver who suspects damage of $1,500 or more is required to call the police to report the accident. However, it is a good idea to report any accident, since a driver may not be able to accurately assess the amount of damage to the car. In addition, the police must be notified if anyone has been injured in the accident. According to Craig Swapp and Associates reviews, this is an important step in making sure damage is accurately assessed.

Step Three: Collect Information

First of all, the two drivers should exchange insurance and contact information. It’s also a good idea to get the names and numbers of any possible witnesses to the accident, in case there is any dispute regarding fault. Finally, it can be helpful to take pictures of the cars and the accident location.

Step Four: Talk With The Police Officer

When the police officer arrives, he or she will interview each driver and take down the details of the accident. The officer will need to see identification and proof of insurance for each driver. Once he or she has finished, the drivers are free to leave the scene of the accident. A police report is usually available within a day or two.

Step Five: Contact The Insurance Company

All drivers in Utah are required to carry liability insurance; however, as Utah is a no-fault state, each driver’s own insurance company will cover the damages to his or her car. The other party’s insurance will only cover more than $3000 in medical expenses.

Step Six: Contact An Attorney

When a car accident has resulted in major damage, serious injury, loss of work, or pain and suffering, it can be helpful to contact an attorney. According to additional reviews of Craig Swapp, getting a good lawyer is the key to making sure that a car accident victim’s needs are met so that he or she can focus on recovering from injuries. Check out this page for other verified reviews.

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