Kristi Coulter

I made it about 2/3 of the way through this article before I actually said the words, “Shut the fuck UP with your BITCHING.”

Blah blah blah — I have a vagina and it’s hard — blah blah blah

Making the same point over and over and thinking you’re witty. You could have written the whole post on a cocktail napkin and left the same final impression, but at least then it would have been ironic.

Look — it really is a goddamn shame that you have to live in a world where people of both genders insist on having opinions that aren’t yours, where there’s stress and where work needs to get done. It’s simply too bad that, for some reason, men get to talk out of turn about subjects which you consider yours, and then refuse to nod sagely when in the next breath you do the exact same fucking thing. It’s a hell of a world where everyone with a penis doesn’t acknowledge that the only way a woman can survive is if we HAVE two standards and then PRETEND that there’s one, but there ya go. We live in it.

Sweetheart, if you’re working a ten hour day for 77% of what a man can make, then you’re not being discriminated against, you’re being stupid, and stupid is the one thing that never discriminates. Stupid is wide open to you. Stupid will take you, drunk or sober, young or old, male or female, and wrap you in its arms and tell you that the world is bad, and you’re the only one who sees it.

There’s this fiction that women do the same work for less money. Let me assure you, lawyers in the 80’s blew that away. If the job pays x-per-hour and you’re not making ‘x’, it’s because you either took the job for less than ‘x’ when you didn’t have to or, more likely, you got comfortable in the job, did it the same way for a long time while other people (likely with penises) changed jobs, worked longer and did more, and for some reason they’re getting x-times-y, while your same job pays the same ‘x’.

And if you think alcohol is to blame for that, then maybe drinking really WAS for you?

It boils down to this:

You’re a woman trying to make it in the business world, and you clearly don’t like the realities of it in light of some concept of it that you’ve created in your own head, as to how it all ‘should’ be.

Male or female, I defy anyone to show you anything or anyone living in some blissful existence of how things ‘should’ be. We’re stuck with how things are.

It is in the nature of men to look at that, sigh, square their shoulders and deal with it, making the best of it we can, find the advantages (in a world where if your article is dropped down in front of your boss and if he doesn’t like it, he can go fuck himself, meanwhile if my response is dropped in front of my female boss and SHE doesn’t like it, I’m fired without recourse) and move forward.

It is in the nature of women to not like it, bitch about it for hours and in over-worded posts like yours, seeking no recourse or resolution, and expect we men to listen to it without responding — ideally reinforcing you with comments like “it’s inciteful” and “brilliant.”

You did NOT get the short end of THAT stick

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