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What about blogging about my town favorite places? Is it a safe notion? Recently, I saw a new comic book store open but, I saw the store hours it was a turn off. Why? The location is in a bad area and night time is not the wright time. If kids come here they should be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons. There used to be Internet café here, arcade and billiards but, most are gone. There is one billiards left but, is located where drugs and alcoholics linger, what does it say about our city. I am not trying to be negative this area I mentioned is next door to the church I been attending since 1994. That pool place I mentioned used to be a bar till we (the church) fought against it so, kids and the elder members did not have to walk around beer bottles,condoms and drug needles. This is downtown but, should it look run down? I think not but, community has to care and get involved to make a difference. I really am not political hardly ever talk about city officials yet, is it not their duty to see that the city we live in is safe?

Our church hosted recently a small appreciation event for our local law enforcement, with steak sandwiches (don’t quote me) chips and soda. We had banners in front and back of the church I personally escorted the officers to the tables inside which was such a great honor for me. This town is where I live but, I have trouble calling it home although I’ve been here since 1979 when my father brought us here from Los Angeles.

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