My computer & hard drive

Lenovo G585 PC

I am able so far to post with it, I fight with it to keep it working. I wish

I could fix the hard drive, watched hard drive repair videos. I have considered buying thrift store desk pc with XP OS. Just in case all goes wrong. Hard drive is only issue mostly my fault writing to it too much.

UPDATE Fri. April 1, 201116 2:25 pm.

I found out the usage and time that my computer problems are related overheating and dust exposure when I was taking the hard drive out trying to put it in my xbox 360 (didn’t work) that was the cause.

XBOX 360 S
original Xbox 360

I watched an old video introducing xbox 360 giving a quick preview of it’s new features and in it one of the hosts said it was a shame you not given an option to install your own hard drive you have to buy microsofts hard drive which is not bad in comparison to the old 360 hard drive price which is more so, I switched and found the graphics slightly better and faster game loading, the added plus for me was built in wifi which on the old one you to by a wifi adapter unless you knew a work around it costs about $60(on ebay) for the hard drive on amazon is $43 HD size 320. Yet, the slim/S version $30 for 320 HD I did the math for you.