Are you in the Rat Race?
Chris Herd

To: Chris Herd

From: Robert Wilber

I give my thoughts on the rat race as you put it. It is the norm and people seem to gravitate to what is comfortable and I will briefly assume you understand breaking out of your comfort zone is good to see what on the other side of the fence. Normally people don’t choose something challenging they pick the simple uncomplicated but, life is complicated,frustrating,difficult so, why not push back when life gives your a hard time and stand against opposition since it is our life is it not worth fighting for? and are we not tired of the same job that we don’t enjoy? We’ve said and heard it, “ I’m tired of this stupid job and boss” so, the question really is what have you done not said to change that? Simplicity made this point without too much thinking so, the average reader can grasp it as well as an advanced reader which makes it profitable for all, right? I am devising a plan to exit the race and if it all possible accomplish it without the 9 to 5, the process there is what I loath. I don’t mind working hard and being useful but, to whom is the real question? All who agree should put differences/prejudices/hang-ups and pet peeves aside to make way for progress through mutual collaboration, openness to ideas that have potential to propel us forward and start building trust to make easier communication among each other.