Top 4 Books Published by World Wide Art Books Inc.

World Wide Art Books (WWAB) was established in 1997 by Despina Tunberg, an award winning artist, to help talented artists get an opportunity to showcase their artwork. Through her publication, International Contemporary Masters, Despina brings the work of talented artists from all over the world onto the printed page. The books are popular among art lovers, collectors, gallery owners, interior designers, art consultants, art dealers, curators and other art professionals. To date, WWAB has published over 15 titles that have become a valuable addition to collectors’ and art professionals’ libraries, galleries, public and academic libraries and even coffee shops.
All of World Wide Art Books publications are juried. Only artists who are up to the standards of the selection committee are approved, which also chooses each work shown in the books.
Here we mention four of the most noteworthy books published by World Wide Art Books.
International Contemporary Masters

This is the flagship title of World Wide Art Books, with the tenth volume currently in production. Each volume features 150–200 artists from all over the world, and features all the plastic fine arts that can be depicted on the printed page — painting, sculpture, mixed media, installations, digital art and photography. International Contemporary Masters has become an acclaimed sourcebook and reference for many collectors and art professionals all over the world.
International Masters of Photography

These books, published by World Wide Art Books, feature the work of popular photographers from around the world. Every volume is exclusively published to honor the art of photography; therefore, every book includes dynamic photos from different genres that are sure to mesmerize you.

Due to its popularity, International Masters of Photography has also become a valuable tool for both established and emerging photographers to enhance their exposure. In each volume, you will find beautiful images created by 100–150 talented photographers, and get to see the world through their lenses.

Current Masters

This is a latest book to be published by World Wide Art Books, with release scheduled for late 2015. It will be an exciting anthology of works created by about 200 noteworthy artists from all over the world.

Important World Artists

This is a beautiful reference book that features the work of over 1000 artists of high-caliber from around the globe.

Benefits of Being Included in WWAB

There are a number of benefits of being a part of a juried art book alongside artists of high caliber. These include —
• Improve the commercial value of your work.
• Get noticed by art galleries, interior designers, collectors and art lovers.
• Join the category of highly regarded artists.
• Increase the pricing of your work.
• Use as a reference for collectors, galleries, juries, committees, and possible commissions.
Final Word
If you feel your art work is could meet our standards and are looking for a platform to shine in the market, World Wide Art Books Inc. can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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